SAL - Make Your Own Quilted Sneakers

I just finished my own pair of quilted sneakers and had so much fun with it, I thought it would be a blast to host a free sew-along for anyone else who is interested! The SAL will run for 4 weeks (see schedule below).


  • Sneaker Kit, available at the following shops


Maker’s Leather Supply

Tandy Leather

Chicago School of Shoemaking


  • Fabric scraps (about 1 yard total, generous estimate)
  • Batting scraps
  • Pattern you plan to use. I just used a printed fabric I really liked instead of piecing something. If you plan to piece, make sure it's really small so you can actually see the design!
  • Shoelaces, available at the following shops and elsewhere online

The Shoelace Factory

Lace Lab

Looped Laces

Note: My instructions will cover the Classic 3 in 1 pattern.

The sneaker SAL begins Monday, June 5th and runs for 4 weeks. I’ve created my own pair and am ready to share my lessons learned while I make some sneakers for my boyfriend! Between now and June 5th, gather your supplies needed. On the Monday of each week, I will email you my quilting-specific directions for each step. The schedule is as follows:

Week 1 (June 5): Pick pattern and fabrics, sew and quilt the large panel piece

Week 2 (June 12): Cut out and prepare the individual panel pieces

Week 3 (June 19): Install eyelets and the shoelace holders

Week 4 (June 26): Stitch the panels to the sole and add your shoelaces!

I so hope you'll join! Register for the free sew-along here!


  • Really interested to see how this turns out.

  • So excited about making these shoes!! I’m wondering if using a canvas (like something from
    Art Gallery fabrics) will be too thick, I’d like them to last awhile. What do you think? Thanks for hosting this great idea.

  • Hi Julia,
    I would love to make some sneakers and am wondering if you know if any of the Sneaker kits are on the wide side. I wear an 8 wide.
    Thank you,

    Paula Simms

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