Quilt Ink Web App

Quilt Ink Web App

Have you ever wanted a super quick way to recolor a quilt pattern? And one that you can do online and save to your computer? Catalina from @amarar_creacions has created an awesome web based app that allows just that. The free app is called QuiltInk and is so simple and fun to use! The QuiltInk Instagram account is @quilt_ink, check it out!

My Green Lake quilt pattern is available on there, along with my upcoming Bracken quilt (release date February 23rd!)

To get started, go to QuiltInk and create a free account so you can save your designs. The app lets you pick what pattern and size, then allows you to color it in. It has the solid swatches of all the major manufacturers. There is no limit to the amount of designs you can make. It makes color choices so easy!

Green Lake Quilt Pattern Large Throw

Green Lake Large Throw in cool tones, colored in QuiltInk.


Green Lake Quilt Twin Size

Green Lake Twin, colored in QuiltInk.


Bracken quilt throw

Bracken Quilt in ombre colors (pattern release date is February 23rd!)


monochromatic bracken quilt, wall hanging

Bracken Quilt in monochrome.


Giveaway and Blog Hop

Did I mention there is also a giveaway? As part of QuiltInk's launch, I have teamed up with 12 other quilt pattern designers to offer a giveaway. To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is sign up for a free account on QuiltInk and follow all the participating designers on Instagram! Each day of the Blog Hop, each designer will post about QuiltInk on their blog and their giveaway. Here's the Blog Hop schedule with the participating designers:

February 2: Catalina Barceló (QuiltInk founder) from @amarar_creacions and @quiltink

February 3: Claire Campion from Made Just Sew and @madejustsew

February 4: Jen Frost from Faith and Fabric and @faithandfabric

February 5: Tammy Silvers from Tamarinis and @tamarinis

February 6: Augusto Garcia from Capital A Quilts and @capaquilts

February 7: Marlene Oddie from KISSed Quilts and @marlene.kissedquilts

February 8: Julia Wachs from Julia Wachs Designs and @juliawachs.designs

February 9: Carolyn Murfitt from Free Bird Quilting and @freebirdquiltingdesigns

February 10: Kiley Ferons from Kiley's Quilt Room and @kileysquiltroom

February 11: Wendy Congdon from Truly Materialistic and @trulymaterialistic

February 12: Josianne Robb from Indigo Shima and @indigo_shima

February 13: Sarah Harris from Acorn Corner Quilts and @acorncornerquilts

February 14: Alex Hoffman from HoffMama Company and @hoffmamacompany


Have fun designing, and good luck!

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Thank you, Cindy!

Julia Wachs

You have great patterns. Coloring with quiltink is fun

Cindy Shelley

Great patterns. I signed up for QuiltInk.

Cindy Shelley

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